41-Apparatus - Current Fleet
2017 Mixed
2008 Yamaha 350 Grizzly
Automatic, push button 4wd, Electric Winch

Photo By A/C Scott Glynn
41-Boat 1 (B-840)
2000 Rivercraft Airboat
17" aluminum boat, 18hp helicopter motor with fanblades, backboard, searchlight,

Photo By Danielle Glynn
41-Brush (E-843)
1992 Chevy 3500/Saulsbury/Wildfire
4wd Brush and quick attack unit, 225gallons of water, 500gpm pump
41-Car 1
2002 Chevy Suburban
Command Console, UHF, VHF, Low Band Radios, EMS Jump Bag

Formerly Maybrook FDs Chiefs Vehicle
41-Car 2
2003 Chevy Tahoe
Command Console. Low Band, VHF and UHF Radios, EMS Jump Bag

Formerly Cronomer Valley FD
41-Car 3
2003 Chevy Tahoe
Former Cronomer Valley FD
41-Engine1 (E-844)
2015 Spartan Gladiator/Custom-Fab and Body
2500 Gallon Pumper-Tanker with a 1250gpm, 3000gal porta pond, TNT Extrication tools.

Placed into service on December 6 2015 at 1800hrs
41-Engine2 (E-845)
1989 4Guys/White/GMC
2500 gallon Pumper/Tanker, 1250gpm pump, 500' 5" hose, Lukas Rescue tool (Jaws)
41-Fire Police (FP-841)
2008 Chevy Utility Van
41-Rescue (R-848)
2003 Central States/HME Heavy Rescue
9foot walk in body, technical rescue equipment, TNT rescue tools (Jaws of Life), Code3 Resque airbags, Res-Q-Jack Stabilization jacks, on board Cascade system, onboard generator, CommanLight tower, incident command center.
2007 Cargomate Car Hauler
Support trailer equiped with generator, lights, houses the Kubota and ATV, Extra brush fire equipment, Extra technical rescue equipment.

County Identifier 41-spt
41-Utility 1 (U-846)
2012 Chevy 3500/Utility Rescue
4wd EMS Response Vehicle, Utility Vehicle
41-Utility 2 (U-849)
2007 Kubota RTV900 4X4
70 gallon skid mount water tank, 100gpm pump, Stokes basket /Backboard bracket
Apparatus - mix retired and new
2018 mixed
1996 Central States/White GMC
1250 gallons of water, 1750gpm pump, 30 gallon foam system. 800' 5" hose

Retired from service on December 6th 2015.

Sold to Nome, ND in 2016
1991 GMC Van
Fire Police unit, Cones, barricades, Backup cascade unit

Retired 2013
1991 Chevy Caprice
District Vehicle, Personnel transport, Backup Fire Police unit

Retired November 2012
1990 GMC Tanker
1800 gallon tanker with 500gpm pump
2005 Wildefire Refurb

Retired September 5, 2018
1991 Chevy 3500/Light Rescue
4wd EMS response vehicle, Cascade system

Retired 6/2012

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